Shill Ai

Shill Ai Bot

2% or 2M $SAi tokens

The very first of its kind Shill Ai Bot assists projects and devs in holding shilling contests, tracking participant’s tasks and automates airdropping tokens to the winners. 🤖

What is ShillAIBot?

ShillAiBot is a telegram bot designed to automatically distribute information or messages across various telegram platforms. The purpose of this is to quickly and efficiently disseminate information to a large audience.

How To Buy

1. Download MetaMask Wallet

2. Search for contract address: 0x54fE7b82f672c617837137ED55c34e1c29DbB7C4

3. Swap your ETH for $SAI

5. Join our Community on Telegram


Supply: 100M

Max Wallet: 2% or 2M $SAi tokens

Tax: 5/5

LP Locked 🔒 for 1 month

Shill Ai erc20 token

Renounced ca ✔️

Verified ca ✔️


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